Create a mysql database container:

docker run --name mysql-joomla -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=password123 -d mysql:5.7

go inside mysql containers and create an empty database:

docker exec -it test-mysql bin/bash

mysql -u root -p

create the db:


check if db was created:

show databases;

exit from mysql and from container:

create the joonla container linked to mysql container and with a volume for can edit or add files:

docker run --name joomla-demo \
  --link mysql-joomla:db \
  -e JOOMLA_DB_HOST=db:3306 \
  -e JOOMLA_DB_USER=root \
  -e JOOMLA_DB_PASSWORD=password123 \
  -v /tmp/test-joomla:/var/www/html -p 8080:80 -d joomla

connect to

and follow the wizard installation of joomla, using “db” and not localhost ad database host.